Other Fiction by the author

  • A Drummer Boy for Washington - Deprived of his father by British law, a boy seeks revenge and resolution following Washington through the Revolutionary War
  • Poured Out Like Water (in progress) - A poor little rich girl marries her love, but suffers polio, divorce, and loss of all she knows - will her faith replace her losses? Set against the background of the 1950s and 1960s, Etta must follow her dreams, testing her faith, her resolve, and her endurance. For the sake of Christ, she follows even to China, through the Tianamen Square revolt. Based on the life story of the author's mother.
  • The Young David Crockett (in progress) - Before Davy became a legend, he was a young boy, sold away by his father. What molded him to become the great American hero?
  • The Campbell Twins - Two teenage girls get caught in a spy ring through their father's top secret work. Who is behind the theft of the missing secrets, and will they survive if they find out?
Other books in "The Great Divide" series:
  • The Search - Will goes west after the Civil War, seeking peace, but finds himself entangled in the war between whites, Shoshone, and Sioux in Idaho and Wyoming during the late 1860s. Luther, driven out of Indiana, travels with his new wife and baby to Kansas, looking for land and peace, as part of the Exoduster movement. He finds that the rules of homesteading don't yet apply to him, and joins the Buffalo Soldiers. Will he find his dreams - or more war and sorrow? Mary King, a Quaker, and her family move to Texas, seeking to escape from the destruction of war, but find peace elusive on the plains.
  • The Founding - Will heads south to Dallas, to become a rancher. Love awaits, but is there peace?