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Ross has composed a book that is astoundingly ambitious but, in all ways, absolutely triumphant. This story begins at the first muttering of unrest in a country that was not only politically divided but morally divided as well, and it ends with the Confederate surrender in 1865 and the subsequent release of the prisoners of war. In between the pages of this remarkable book is a story of one family who finds themselves on opposite sides during the war between the North and the South of America. It is a tear-jerking story of heroism and tragedy. It is a tale of survival, of fear, hate, and the insufferable torment of the soul that comes from opening fire on your fellow countryman. But this is also a book about forgiveness, mercy, and above everything else, love. Ross has penned an extraordinarily compelling and unforgettable account of one family as they navigated the American Civil War (1861 – 1865).
With astonishing attention to the historical detail, Ross, it seems, has a visceral understanding of the era this book is set in. He also has a novelist’s skill to breathe life into people who have long since died. The hours of research that has gone into this book is self-evident — no one can write such crystalline prose without such dedicated devotion to the period. The battle scenes in this book are exceptionally well drawn and were brought vividly back to life — I could smell the blood, and feel the abject terror of the soldiers. I also must mention the depiction of Camp Douglas. — the horrors and the poverty the prisoners of war endured was portrayed with a great deal of skill and diligence to the historical facts. This book is, without a shadow of a doubt, a monumental work of scholarship. It is utterly splendid and a reward for any fan of quality Historical Fiction.

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“This novel is based on historical people, as well as historical events and battles that happened during the Civil War. I really enjoyed this novel, and that the author wrote from various character point of views, and the battles scenes were easy to read and understand. But also enough to make you feel the pain of what these soldiers were going through, no matter which side they were fighting for.”


“I think this book is appropriately named because the Civil War did just that. It divided our country and our families. Brother against brother so yes this book is appropriately named.”

“I loved reading this book because I love historical fiction and I think this book is appropriately named.”

“I loved reading this book because I love historical fiction and I learned an awful lot in this book.”

“For a debut novel by Michael Ross this is certainly well done!! His research is exquisite and the characters are wonderful!”

“It certainly must’ve been been very hard for the families that were split up during the conflict.”

“I loved reading this book, especially while on a tour to DC, and visiting Abe Lincoln’s Memorial. This book really puts you into the lives of both sides of the civil war, including the hard life of slaves and the underground railroad, and being faithful to your leader. It really brought out some tough issues facing the family that was finding on both sides of the war. REALLY good read … can’t wait for the next book to come out!”

“It took a whole lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in. It still does today! One of the questions that stood out to me was ‘Where is God in all of this? Why does He allow bad things to happen?’ I even ask myself that sometimes. I think we all do at one time or another.” (Full review on Redheaded Book Lady)

5 out of 5 stars ‘Can’t put it down’ kind of book!”

B. Harder

(audiobook 5 star review) “The story line was well developed and well written. I was saddened at how terrible the plantation owners treated their slaves. I cringed at the cruelty and my heart went out to them. At times I found myself weeping for them. This is a very emotional story, so you’ll need to have a hanky ready. I didn’t realize how terrible it was before the civil war and now I do. I’m grateful to those who fought against slavery.

The narrator did a great job with the voices and the inflections for each voice were great. He would chuckle when a character chuckled and I liked that.”


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