Kate Warne

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Tales of the Civil War – First Female Detective When was Kate Warne born? Kate Warne was born in the year of 1833 in Erin, New York. By 1856, at the age of 23, Warne’s husband passed away, leaving her … Continued

Philip Livingston

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Signers of the Declaration of Independence Philip Livingston was born in Albany, NY. His father was a merchant, involved in the founding of Albany and obtaining its charter. In the merchant trade, the Livingstons engaged in what is known as … Continued

Battle of Antietam

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On Sept. 17, 1862, America’s bloodiest single day, a small force of Confederates on high ground for three hours defended the critical crossing against troops belonging to Ambrose E. Burnside’s 9th Corps. With the wounding of General Joe Johnston at … Continued