Coffee Pot Book Club: Geometry Girls

Young adult fiction featuring gambling, bandits, swordplay, probability and Bayes’ Theorem. An English teacher hopes to engage students with colorful STEM adventures. “In this outstanding collection, Tom addresses the chronic problem of our young women dropping out of STEM studies. … Continued

What happened to the Cattle Drives?

the period of the cattle drives was relatively short, beginning in the 1850s, largely suspended during the Civil War, and ending in the 1890s due to railroad expansion. In the beginning, a group of cowboys would drive a herd of as many as a thousand cattle from pastures in Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico north and east to railheads. The towns at the end of the rails were those of western legend – Abeline, Dodge City, Wichita, Ellsworth, Cheyenne, Denver, Fort Worth, and Dallas.

Did you know… Dr. Joseph Warren?

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“Act Worthy of Yourselves” an Alternate Ending I wrote the short story “Act Worthy of Yourselves” that asks the question “What if Dr. JosephWarren had survived Bunker Hill?” as part of the Historical Writers Forum anthology “AlternateEndings” because frankly, Dr. … Continued

Alternate Endings

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Imagine – what if? We all know the past is the past, but what if you could change history? We asked eight historical authors to set aside the facts and rewrite the history they love. The results couldn’t be more … Continued