Alternate Endings

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The Historical Writer’s Forum, of which I am a member, is publishing an anthology – due November 1, 2022 – of short stories from eight authors, including me. The theme for the collection is What If. Eight talented history writers … Continued

General Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution:

Guest Post by Salina B. Baker When it comes to the American Revolution, most people have heard of men like George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, who were instrumental in the founding of this country. But what … Continued

Dr. Anderson – Medicine Woman

In those days, when I came to Fraser, there weren’t many good roads in the northern Colorado mountains. I carried a cowbell and a revolver when I went on night calls, to keep the mountain lions away. Even now, the ranchers in those mountains get snowed in by storms, but doctors make it through. There’s some 20 below mornings when I bundle into my scarf and boots with my sheep’s wool coat, strapping on snow shoes, when I dream about retiring to Indiana