Alternate Endings

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An anthology of re-imaginings – eight authors, eight stories

Imagine – what if?

We all know the past is the past, but what if you could change history?

We asked eight historical authors to set aside the facts and rewrite the history they love. The results couldn’t be more tantalizing.

What if Julius Caesar never conquered Gaul?

What if Arthur Tudor lived and his little brother never became King Henry VIII?

What if Abigail Adams persuaded the Continental Congress in 1776 to give women the right to vote and to own property?

Dive into our collection of eight short stories as we explore the alternate endings of events set in ancient Rome, Britain, the United States, and France.

An anthology of the Historical Writers Forum.

Now available on Amazon, #1 new release in Historical Fiction Short Stories & Anthologies, including my story on Abigail Adams – what if the ladies had gotten the vote from the beginning?