Book Review: The Lines Between US

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The Lines Between Us
Love, peril, and death in Renaissance Spain

Spain in Renaissance times was a place of strict rules and class distinctions, with the Roman Catholic Church overseeing most aspects of life. Women in particular had well-circumscribed roles and spheres of activity, particularly among the wealthy. Losing one’s respectability and reputation was among the worst of calamities for a young woman. Juliana, like most young noblewomen, has one prospect in life – marry well, and produce children.

But her family has secrets she’s never been told which cause her prospective husband to ruin her, her father to try and kill her, her broader family to disown her, and the Church to pursue her. Alone, pregnant, and having only the funds from her dead mother’s jewels to live on, Juliana must survive by her wits and travel to New Spain. What new trials will await her? Will her father or the Inquisition hunt her down? Will the family secret be revealed?

Rachel is a professor of Spanish at a university in modern times. When her mother dies, she is left with letters and a diary, pointing to a past in her family that she never knew. Can she discover the secrets and the links?

Rebecca D’Harlingue weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue steeped in Spanish history and culture. Can two women separated by centuries be friends? Come along for the ride… Book Review: The Lines Between US

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