Book Review: The River of Mercy by Paula Scott

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Small-town secrets, and forgiveness

Small towns have their ups and downs – and their secrets. Maggie thought she’d escaped her growing-up trauma – a drug addict mother, an abusive stepfather, a boyfriend who dumped her for another girl, and football. But somehow, the problems of little Berry Creek seem to follow her, dragged like a ball and chain. When her son Lane seems to follow her pattern, losing himself to drugs, and her rich husband leaves her for a newer model, she has to go home and confront her past.

She’d been a doctor’s wife with perfect teeth and a master’s degree. A university professor. Her poetry acclaimed in the New York Times and Publishers Weekly. But here, she’d gotten herself pregnant in high school, dividing brothers and a town. All she could hope for was that people had forgotten it.”

Paula Scott. River of Mercy (Kindle Locations 689-692).

But people have a way of remembering, and the river remembers the storms. Will it yield wrath or mercy?

Paula has crafted an intense family tale that tests everyone involved – you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat following Maggie, Lane, and Gus through the trials of romance, teen life, small towns, and the secrets of the river. Who is really Lane’s father? What is hidden in the river? Climb in the boat, and let’s float – down the River of Mercy.

Launches March 7, 2023. Now available for pre-order – don’t miss it!

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