Where do you go when home is no longer an option?

The guns of the Civil War have ceased firing, and the shots are but an echo… yet the war rages on deep inside Will Crump’s soul. His soldier’s heart is searching for peace, and in that quest Will joins the westward movement, setting his path on a collision course with adventure, loss and love. 

The Westward Expansion floods the sacred, untouched lands with immigrants bringing conflict to the Shoshone, Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho. Amidst the chaos Will finds safety in the shadow of the US Army, but the army brings battle-hardened troops into Red Cloud’s War, pulling Will into a tornado of conflict. Broken treaties and promises, leave both sides searching for answers. Will’s search leads him to a battle for survival, and there he finds a love that could change him forever.  

Dove, a young Shoshone woman, is a survivor of the Bear Creek Massacre. After being kidnapped and escaping from the Cheyenne, she joins Will’s search, seeking where she belongs. Dove longs for more than the restricted role placed on women in her tribe. If she can learn to trust a white man, he just might help her find home… and hope. 

Together, Will and Dove must search for understanding and reach Across the Great Divide.

Reviews for The Search

“Sometimes when I read a book’s first pages I can tell right away if I’m going to love its style. This one had me hooked on inward turmoil and vivid setting from the beginning. 

– Danielle Apple

If ever a book is deserving of its own soundtrack then it is most certainly this one. The majestic beauty of the frontier has been brought vividly back to life in Michael L. Ross’ new release—The Search (Across The Great Divide, Book 2). This is a story of forbidden love and emotional healing. The story of Will Crump is incredibly moving. Based upon an actual historical person, this novel fills in the missing years of Will’s life. With careful consideration and understanding of the era, the author has penned a plausible story for what happened to Will during those missing years he spent in the mountains. With the ongoing American Indian Wars, it made sense that despite Will’s desperate desire for peace, he would end up being dragged into the conflict.


The Civil War had left its scars—not all of which could be seen. Will Crump craved peace. Peace from the nightmares which plagued him while he slept, but also while he was awake. Will knows he will never find peace amongst the familiar faces of his family, and so he packs up his life and heads for the mountains, hoping that there he will find the peace he needs. What he had not counted on was the unrest between the United States Army and the native population.

Will finds himself thrust into a conflict he neither foresaw nor wanted. But this time he is not just fighting for a flag and independence, he is fighting for the woman he is falling hopelessly in love with…

The Search (Across the Great Divide Book 2) by Michael L. Ross is a novel that does not threaten to mesmerise, it really does.


This book should come with a warning, or better still a free box of Kleenex with every copy sold. This book shattered me – my husband is getting very concerned about the emotional effect some books have on my mental health, but I know a book is truly wonderful when it breaks my heart. I am sure the author must have also shed a few tears as the conclusion to this novel comes to an unexpected and dramatic end.


It has been a long time since a book has left me utterly speechless. When I turned the last page of The Search, I took a moment to let the events that I had just witnessed between the pages wash over me. I found it impossible to put into words how moving this novel is and so, I went for a walk, hoping to clear my head so I could put pen to paper and give this book the praise that it so deserves.