What colony did Joseph Hewes represent?

His reputation was spotless, and he moved in the circles of the rich. Joseph met the sister of the governor – Isabella Johnston. As the couple spent more time with each other, Joseph fell passionately in love with her, and they were engaged. Isabella fell ill and died a few days before they were to marry. Joseph was heartbroken. In his diary at the end of his life, he records that he was a broken and lonely man. He never married or had children.

How old was Thomas Heyward Jr when he signed the Declaration of Independence?

Heyward was apparently well regarded by his peers. Dr. Benjamin Rush, a Signer from Pennsylvania and a prominent Philadelphia physician and medical teacher, had this to say about him: “he was a firm Republican of good education and most amicable manners. He possessed an elegant political genius, which he sometimes exercised with success upon the various events of the war”.

The price of freedom – William Wells Brown

“I told [him] I had acted according to his orders. He had told me to look for a master, and I had been to look for one. He answered that he did not tell me to go to Canada to look for a master. I told him that as I had served him faithfully, and had been the means of putting a number of hundreds of dollars into his pocket, I thought I had a right to my liberty.”