Civil War Quotes of the Week

Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard

Carolinians and Georgians! The hour is at hand to prove your devotion to your country’s cause. Let all able-bodied men, from the seaboard to the mountains, rush to arms. Be not exacting in the choice of weapons; pikes, and scythes will do for exterminating your enemies, spades and shovels for protecting your friends. To arms, fellow citizens! Come share with us our dangers, our brilliant successes, or our glorious death.

P. G. T. Beuregard, procalamation Jan 18, 1863
Rufus Kinsley

Slavery must die, and if the South insists on being buried in the same grave, I shall see in it nothing but the retributive hand of God.

Union corporal Rufus Kinsley, diary, January 21, 1863