Did you know… Dr. Joseph Warren?

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“Act Worthy of Yourselves” an Alternate Ending I wrote the short story “Act Worthy of Yourselves” that asks the question “What if Dr. JosephWarren had survived Bunker Hill?” as part of the Historical Writers Forum anthology “AlternateEndings” because frankly, Dr. … Continued

Across the Great Divide: Book 3 The Founding

The man smiled, but his eyes did not. Handing Luther a paper, he said, “What you can do is get out of Indiana. We don’t want your kind here. I’m the sheriff and part of the Superintendent Board for the Colored just formed here in Madison. Maybe you can’t read that, but it says that you came into this state illegally, in violation of the Indiana constitution. You’re an escaped slave from Kentucky. War or no war, slavery is still legal in Kentucky, and unless you have freedom papers or permission from the state of Indiana to be here, you need to git! Someone recognized your wagon—you were at the riots in Evansville. The sheriff there sent me a wire. You’re a troublemaker. You fired a gun at white men. You slaves are just a bunch of escaped monkeys, trying to overrun us. You have twenty-four hours to get out of the state, or I’ll be back with chains and ship you to your owner in Kentucky.”

Alternate Endings

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Imagine – what if? We all know the past is the past, but what if you could change history? We asked eight historical authors to set aside the facts and rewrite the history they love. The results couldn’t be more … Continued

Alternate Endings

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The Historical Writer’s Forum, of which I am a member, is publishing an anthology – due November 1, 2022 – of short stories from eight authors, including me. The theme for the collection is What If. Eight talented history writers … Continued

General Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution:

Guest Post by Salina B. Baker When it comes to the American Revolution, most people have heard of men like George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, who were instrumental in the founding of this country. But what … Continued

Did you know… Maggie Brown?

Maggie was always spunky and adventurous, inclined to get her own way. She loved her parents but chafed under their rules. She valued her father’s hard work, coming from County Cork, Ireland to Missouri, and taking whatever labor jobs he could find to feed the family. As she grew to adulthood, she aspired to marry a rich man, to ease her father’s labors. When the family moved to Leadville, Colorado in 1898, she dropped that aspiration. She met JJ Brown and fell head over heels in love. After some internal struggle, she decided it best to marry a man for love rather than for money.