The Massacre No One Mentions

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Hysteria reigned, fueled by the rumors of a large black insurrection in the town. Violence peaked the next day on June 1, with thousands of white citizens pouring into Greenwood, tearing apart businesses, setting fires, and beating blacks. Firefighters trying to extinguish blazes were threatened with guns. An unarmed black man in a theater was shot and killed.

Voices on the Wind

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Kansas is a state rich in history. Originally just a stopping point in the westward movement during the nineteenth century, settlers eventually recognized the value of the prairie for cropland, grazing, and even oil. Long before the European and African … Continued

Mother’s Day

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Did you know… Mother’s day was started to promote peace at the end of the Civil War?Ann Reeves Jarvis, a mom, arranged mother’s friendship day in West Virginia in the 1860s, with the surprisingly serious purpose of quieting animosity between … Continued